Welcome to Ohio Family Farms. We are a 3rd and 4th generation family farm located in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. We own and lease farm ground in Wyandot, Marion, and Crawford County here in Ohio. We have a great relationship with our landlords and are currently looking to expand our farming operation.

Our typical crop rotation in corn and soybeans with occasional wheat. We continually strive to have the highest yields while making a constant effort to improve both our owned and rented land. We are diligent about making sure both our farms and yours look and perform the best that they can.

Maximizing returns to landlords is a key focus in our operation. Cutting edge technology in our grain handling, field equipment, and genetics plays a large part in having the ability to raise the highest yields with the greatest returns. The size of our operation allows us to spread the cost of technology over more acres and creates great operational efficiencies.

We feel that the one of the most important factors of success in our operation is our relationships. We have built our relationships with landlords, vendors, grain elevators, lenders, and the ag community for 4 generations and feel that our reputation is second to none. We realize that our future growth is absolutely dependant to fostering those relationships and building new ones. Our operation is very stable and we have been buying our own land for 4 generations. You can rest assured we have a strong base and we will be here and still running strong in the future. Feel free to give any of us a call or email us at any time to discuss your land and how we can build a relationship.


Walker Gottfried walker@ohioff.com (419) 310-1341
Aaron Kreais aaron@ohioff.com (419) 310-0503
Bill Gottfried bill@ohioff.com (419) 310-0543
Wade Gottfried wade@ohioff.com (419) 310-1635